Making a Difference

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

  1. Figure out where the need is! Those in need don't need left over clearance SPF in their Holiday gift box. Ask your non-profits what their constituency requires for a better quality of life!

  2. Who can help you? Family, friends, local service clubs or co-workers! Just about any human can volunteer, even if it means asking for left over shoe boxes from a department store.

  3. Write a compelling and quick sponsorship letter that shares EXACTLY what you're asking for, why you're asking for it and what problem it is going to solve. You can also add the perks of sponsorship and recognition!

  4. Connect the dots! Build a plan of action. Make sure everyone has a job they can do in pairs (buddy system is key). Is this a two month project? One week? One day? What are the expectations of each team player?

  5. On a more personal note...let's keep it personal. No one needs or wants to have a camera in their face. We should always remember that we do things because it is the right thing to do, not because we want to share our good deeds, every minute of every day while taking the chance in violating someone's privacy simultaneously!

  6. On another personal note, someone may not have much, but if you can give them something magical, that speaks to them, it really changes the atmosphere and relationship of our community. Write them a note, tell them they're loved.

  7. Follow up! I cannot make this statement any more clear...doing something once, may make a difference, but being consistent is where we see the GREATEST change. Do it, volunteer, and then do it again.

  8. Tell those who helped you in your quest, "Thank you." Your friends, family, co-workers...they need to hear it just as much as one of your sponsors. Humans remember gratitude.

  9. So by now you're probably over these 10 steps, but let me give you 2 more that are vitally important...PLEASE KEEP GOING. "If you can help, help. If you can do more, volunteer." Humans like you are what this world runs on. It's what keeps these non-profit doors open. I know it gets tiring which brings me to my final step...

  10. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. It's super simple; you can't poor from an empty bucket. Take care of you and yours and when the time's right and you know you can give, .

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